Relax (and) Just Be!
  An evening of relaxation to make clean water

May 2017

Emma's guiding principle in life was to "Just Be". She lived in the moment and with zest for what she was doing at the time. She was present. There is a lot of buzz right now about the word mindfulness. With so much chaos in the world people are looking to find some peace and ways to relieve the stress of life. Through the foundation we feel it fitting to share this simple message with those that are sharing our journey.

  Guided by Cindi Ballard a local yoga, Reiki and spiritual instructor along with the ever present essence of sweet Emma's spirit of "Being" - we hosted our first event under a project we're calling "Just BE". This first session was "An evening of Integrative Relaxation and Inner Peace" where Cindi walked about 50 of our followers through a meditation aimed at helping them relax. Sounds simple but something that we often take for granted.

  Through deep stillness and pause we tap into extraordinary potential within for health, inner peace, balance, creativity and intuition.

  Donations for this event were accepted for Waves 4 Water. A non-profit organization providing access to clean water in over 27 countries - to learn more please visit www.wavesforwater.org

  We hope to continue to bring nights like this to those that follow our foundation, stay tuned.

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