Night Out With A Purpose
  Clean-Up, Practice and then some fun...

May 2017

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It's great to be able to do something, and then see the benefits of that something. We all have those moments in our lives when we complete a project and then find the results as pleasing or useful to our lives. In May, we got a true glimpse of that as a result of 2 Nights out with a purpose.

On May 3rd a group of volunteers met at Saint John's church in Perrysville to do some clean-up and maintenance on bocce courts that this congregation lends out to the community for recreation.

  Old Man Winter did a job on the courts and they were in need of a good spring clean-up. Our team met for a few hours of work and the results are so noticeable. We then shared a few adult beverages and contemplated how much joy our change would bring.

  You see the courts are used by the Pitsburgh North Stars - a great group of Special Olympians that meet there each Tuesday night for bocce practice as they prepare for tournament play later in the year. While the North Stars have been practicing there for many years, our foundation has been helping to clear the way (literally) for them for the past few years. It's so great to be able to help these young men and women get ready for their season.

  Three weeks later, a second crew came back to help coach a practice and host a picnic with the athletes and their families. Our team paired up with the team to play a few games and then grilled and served a nice picnic dinner. Total and complete joy!

  Through our Night Out With A Purpose program we encourage adult volunteerism by coupling good work with some adult fun. A perfect blend of volunteerism and social hour.  

Our next event is Thursday June 29th at Providence Connections - consider joining us by signing up!

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