Henry's List = Sweet Dreams
  Helping families put their children to bed (in beds)...

June 2017

One of the most rewarding parts of Henry's List is the delivery day. Without a doubt it is the highlight of our month, as we take the love that you all have provided and send it back out into the universe. It is pure magic.

Every so often we are blessed to make profound impact in a family - almost always by helping the children.

We met Val and family in June as part of a delivery day with Peter and Annie, two friends of our foundation that were home from college for the summer. We continue to try to expand our circle and bring new faces into our efforts. Once you go on a Henry's List delivery it's hard to image your life being the same.

  Like other delivery days, we bring much needed furniture into barren spaces - hoping to plant love and compassion where it's needed most. When we arrived we met the 3 beautiful children - 2 girls and 1 boy - all under 10 years old. Seems they've been sleeping on couches for the past few weeks and our arrival changed their world.

All 3 would now have a bed of their own.

  Beds and dressers are the single most needed item that we encounter and I don't know how it happens but we just seem to find the right items just in time. It's like someone was helping to guide us from above and line up the Henry's (those in need) with the Tim's (those that can help).

  On this day in June the love aligned and these 3 beauties had their wish fulfilled by our dear friends. Three beds complete with sheets, comforters and their very one pillow. These bare necessities were not there when we arrive, but were when we left.

  The sweetest part of our visit was after our team assembled and made the beds - the little girls were so anxious to get in their new beds and stretch out.

  As we drove away we could only imagine what sweet dreams these 3 would be having that night as they spent their first night in a long while in their very own bed. Sweet dreams indeed.

Henry's List... From your heart to their home.
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