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  Early Summer 2018

Dear Friend of our Foundation:

As we transition weather-wise in the northeast, we hope this time of year finds you preparing for the end of school and much needed time away from work.

We're excited to continue our Just Be series to take us on a "Sound Journey" to experience the healing power of sound and meditation. Emma's Aunt and Uncle (Laura & Dan Martier) will lead our journey this month and optional donations will be collected to benefit the music program of the City of Pittsburgh Schools.

We'll also continue our work with Special Olympics by helping to prepare the bocce courts in Perrysville for the athletes and then host a family picnic at practice to help the athletes get ready for their competitions later in the summer. Our Night Out With A Purpose program puts adults to work to lead by example.

As always, we recognize that you ARE our foundation and we thank you for your continued support of our efforts.

And it wouldn't be summer without the beach and the EMFBeachCleanup project. We're working on our game plan to inspire everyone that believes in our mission to help take an hour out of your beach vacation to give Mother Earth a hug and clean-up our national treasures.

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts and reach out to us by text 412-945-7363 or send us an email at info@EmmaMunsonFoundation.com if you'd like to get more involved with us this summer.

Much Love to you all!
Denise & Michael Munson
'We will create a sustainable future for the ocean by actively cleaning our oceans and coastlines...'
- 4Ocean.org
Once again we'll be sharing the love you have given to our foundation by wrapping it up in our Beach Cleanup project. The details are simple: When you are at the seaside, take a break and walk the beach with a bag and collect what others have left behind.

Snap a picture and we'll send you a bracelet and 4Ocean will take another pound of litter out of the ocean on your behalf.

Click below to stay informed.

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'Music is the mediator between
the life of the senses
and the life of the spirit'
- Beethoven
Emma's Aunt and Uncle (Laura & Dan Martier) have spent their lives making music, now they've taken this passion for sound to help bring peace and relaxation to those that they meet.

As part of their summer tour through the northeast, we are thrilled to have them make a stop in the 'Burgh and guide us on a sound journey.

Not sure what this means?

Have a look at our sign-up and join us as we continue to Just Be.
Take The Journey
'How will you change the world today?'
- Peace, Love & Emma
Once again we'll mobilize our team of adults to help in the community as part of our annual support of Special Olympics.

Our team of volunteers will help restore the playing surfaces of local bocce courts that are used by the North Stars team of athletes, then meet back the next week to host a picnic and practice with the team.

The clean-up this year is especially important given the impact of the winter, but the reward is clearly meeting these special men and women and helping to promote their exercise and sportsmanship.

SIGNUP: Clean-Up

...And once we're done we'll celebrate and host a family picnic/practice with the athletes.

SIGNUP: Picnic & Practice
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