What Is... Emma's Peace Gang?

Emma's Peace Gang is a loosely organized volunteer force that is tightly linked to the inspirations of Emma Munson, who died suddenly and tragically on Sunday October 6, 2013. The group has a mission to serve the people of this world through expressions of love towards Mankind, the Environment and the Arts - 3 of Emma's passions.

How does it work?

You join the gang and begin to record your time volunteering for charitable causes - most anything that helps make a difference. The time is 'confirmed' and 'banked' to support financial contributions to the Emma Munson Foundation. For each $10 donated, our gang will perform at least 1 hour of volunteer activity. The more that is raised, the more work we need to do!

Donations to the foundation are recycled back into the world through expressions of love inspired by Emma - things she would have done if she had the chance. The inspirations are multiplied 3 times - once by the financial donation, a second by Emma's family's expression of support and third by an additional donation of volunteer time towards the mission of the sponsored organization.

Why is it called Emma's Peace Gang?

Emma was one of the most loving and accepting people you could ever meet.

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