What Is... Henry's List?

Henry's List is a way for you to send love directly to someone in need. It's a chance to help fufill a 'wish list' need for someone that is struggling in some way. An anonymous donation aimed at providing something you have to someone in need who has been carefully screened to ensure their worthiness. It's a way to send love from your heart to someone's home.

How does it work?

As a member of Emma's Peace Gang - you're half way there! You can scan the list of 'needs' to see if you have the means to fufill one or more - preferrably by recycling something that you have accumulated over time or no longer have a use for. Unlike a thrift shop, Henry's List doesn't warehouse donations - we match the needs of carefully screened individuals with offerings from our gang. Your item can be dropped off at a collection point and our 'Cupids' will help finish the job by delivering your item directly to the person who needs it.

Why is it called Henry's List?

Our friend Tim met Henry at a local soup kitchen while volunteering as part of the daily meal ministry. Henry's lost his job out of state, and he returned to Pittsburgh to try to rebuild a life. He lives in a very spartan environment and is working to be self sufficient again.

Tim befriended Henry as part of the meal ministry and in an indirect way, Henry shared a simple need with Tim. His apartment was not air conditioned, and he needed a small fan. When Tim gave him a fan, Henry's list was born.

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