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  Summer 2017

Dear Friend of our Foundation:

Can't believe that 2017 is over the half way point - but glad to be in the summer months where we can be more active and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Hope you agree.

We're very excited to welcome Summer with a great new project that anyone that spends time at the beach can join in and help make a difference. We've made a donation to 4Ocean (a group passionate about cleaning up the worlds oceans) and kicked off our #EMFBeachCleanup - read more below and join along as part of Emma's Project Earth.

Once again this month we've spread your love out into the world through Henry's List and there's a very beautiful write-up below about how an immigrant family is sleeping peacefully because of the kindness of others. And our adult volunteer group (as part of our Night Out With A Purpose) travelled to the Providence Family Support Center in Pittsburgh's North Side to help host a Family Unity Night (FUN) for local families.

With the end of June comes the continuation of our Tree Planting intiative - for every donation that we receive, Emma's Peace Gang will spend time volunteering in the world, and our foundation will plant a tree in your honor. It's our way of saying Thank You for your support through action today and a beautfiul part of nature to follow...

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts and reach out to us by text 412-945-7363 or send us an email at info@EmmaMunsonFoundation.com if you'd like to get more involved with us this summer.

Much Love to you all!
Denise & Michael Munson
'We will create a sustainable future for the ocean by actively cleaning our oceans and coastlines...'
- 4Ocean.org
We've all been asked to help keep trash out of our waterways, it seems so easy to do but even with that simple ask there are tons of waste in our oceans. 4Ocean is passionate about helping end that.

With over 80,000 pounds of trash removed from our oceans, 4Ocean is working 7 days a week to take more out of the ocean and put it where it belongs - we are so happy to be able to help them in their mission, and have started a challenge ourselves as part of Emma's Project Earth.

Read on...

Check it out
'Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans'
- Jacques Cousteau
Heading to the seaside this summer? Have an hour to spare? We have a job for you! #EMFBeachCleanup

Inspired on a lazy Father's Day while we were trying to keep Emma's beautiful spirit with us on vacation, a great new project and challenge was born!

The premise is simple, walk along one of the greatest lanes in the world (any beach!) and look down to pickup with others have left behind (trash). Dispose of it properly and you'll get rewarded.

Check It Out
'Kids without beds deserve sweeter dreams.'
- Regina Brett
As we continue to grow our support for those in need via our Henry's List initiative, we are so happy with the rewards that are given to those that help us. They come in the form of smiles and hugs and warm thoughts of children sleeping in beds instead of on a couch or the floor.

In June, Annie and Peter took time away from their college summer vacation to join us and take beds that were donated by friends of our foundation and deliver them, along with some love to a family in Pittsburgh.
READ: Sweet Dreams

In July, we made a return visit to Nesha and found that the love brought in April was making a difference.

READ: The Return Visit
'We must take care of our families wherever we find them.'
- Elizabeth Gilbert
We said goodbye to June by hosting a Family Unity Night (FUN) with our friends at Providence Family Support Center, located in Pittsburgh's North Side on Brighton Road. This great resource to local families provides much needed help (and is our primary Henry's List contact) and brings the families together for Dinner and Family fun.

We were so happy to be able to host this event for the second time and brought our gang to the center cook a picnic dinner and create some carnival fun afterwards. What a great summer night!

...And we closed out July by helping support a local community of religous in McCandless - building them a raised bed garden for their enjoyment.

READ: Garden Party
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